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Trew to the Game: The Magazine St. Gauntlet

Since that Vikings game was soaked in blowout juice, I thought, “what better time to jump from bar to bar to bar for a Saints247 column?” The answer, I told myself, was “there is never a better time.” So I punched the mirror (self high five) and cruised down Magazine Street. Here’s what happened. Stop #1: The Bulldog The crowd was a tad tardy but they made up for it by not being that loud and obnoxious. The same can’t be said for the staff here who insisted on playing the chorus of “Who Let the Dogs Out” every time … Continue reading

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Trew to the Game: I Do (Watch the Saints No Matter What)

I got married on Saturday night in New Orleans, La. Over 200 of my favorite people were in attendance. Nothing went wrong, nobody was stressed. There was no wedding cake, just hundreds of cookies and eclairs. Someone read a passage from an old romance novel. We had bagpipes. The bride and I hung out all day until she got dressed. My point is it was non-traditional. So non-traditional that even me calling out its non-traditional-ness doesn’t affect how opposite of traditional it was. I could even mention it again if I wanted but I won’t because I told myself I … Continue reading

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Trew to the Game: Monday Night T-Shirts

I’m on the west coast this week so I’m sitting on a sofa (not a barstool) in southern California (not New Orleans) watching the game on television (at 5:30p). That last parenthesis is important because I almost missed kickoff. But here I am, laptop open and fingers typing! On to the bullet points. – Ron Jaworski says Drew Brees is on smoking fire right as Drew Brees literally runs by smoke and (fake) fire. Would be cool if Ron would say that Jermon Bushrod was a brick wall while he was literally posing next to one. You’re right, I just … Continue reading

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Trew to the Game: Sunday Appetizers

It has taken until week 12 to see our precious New Orleans Saints hang in the TV VIP Lounge so nobody is blaming you for not knowing what to do with yourself today. Truth is, there are other meaningful games you could watch to hold you over until the main course is served up Monday night. Let’s check the menu. Panthers vs. Colts Not really that exciting, but containing a vegetable is kind of important just like being in our division is kind of important. Just a little bit exciting because Cam Newton is the cheese. By the way, the … Continue reading

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Giving Obligatory Thanks

I do the eye rolling thing when I see posts, tweets or (worse) actual conversations about people giving thanks to things on Thanksgiving. Me, I’m way more of a wearing-a-costume-just-not-on-Halloween-guy or a I’ll-give-you-flowers-and-treats-but-definitely-not-on-Valentine’s-Day-fella. So forgive me for acting out right now but I can’t help it. I’m ecstatically thankful that we aren’t faced with a nightmare combination of Spurs/Saints merchandise (because the Saints still play in New Orleans). And that San Diego gave up on Drew Brees (because New Orleans has a title now). And that the NFL lockout was avoided (Ahem, NBA). And when (if) the other shoe drops … Continue reading

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Trew to the Game: The Saints Would Rather be at Voodoo Fest

Since it’s the midway point of the season, I thought I’d commemorate by watching the game somewhere in Mid-City. I ended up at Finn McCool’s on Bank Street. Every week the neighborhood cooks up opponent themed meals. I arrived just as the game was starting so I was given a green wristband while those who arrived before kickoff got an orange. During halftime the orange get first dibs on food, green gets second and the color-less wrists have to wait to see what’s left.

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Trew to the Game: Indianapolis Ouch

On my way home from tour I stopped in Lafayette for gas. I saw a Hooters and then I saw their sign and then I saw this written on the sign: “Free Beer Everytime the Saints Score a Touchdown.” Ouch, Hooters. Saints win big, you give away a lot of beer, Saints win, you lose. Anyone else encounter any bizarre “every time we score” type deals that got the business behind it choke slammed on Sunday night? Did Kajun’s Pub run out of Jello? Did Pat’s Pub call 50 cabs? Did the Ying Yang Twins run out of crunk? Did … Continue reading

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Trew to the Game: Watching the Saints in Portland

I was somewhere in Texas during the Jaguars game and I was somewhere on the California-Arizona border during the Panthers game. I’m grateful to be traveling, but man, it hurts not being in the city, the city, during Saints games. After being away for so long and now to leave…during October, even…is very, very difficult. Currently I’m in Portland. This place is as hard to navigate as it is fun to be in (very). As a result, I arrive at the Bucket Brigade with about 3:00 to go in the first quarter. My preferred method of catching up is scoping … Continue reading

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Trew to the Game: Hou Does Dat?

Sometime Friday afternoon word got out that Houston had released “hundreds” of their allotted tickets back to the Saints. This struck me as weird given the distance, (354 miles from The Stadium that is Reliant to the Dome that is Super), the teams record (Houston being undefeated), the city (New Orleans being wonderful) and the pleasant trip (suffer through Beaumont but then Lake Charles is kind of alright to pass through because that bridge is wacky and then Lafayette is like “Bang! Swamps, bitch!” and then Baton Rouge is all like “Check out this crazy river and cool bridge! And … Continue reading

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Trew to the Game: At Least You Got a Nice Vacation!

Well that was exciting, wasn’t it? The numbers you statheads crave will come from one of my peers here in Saints247-land. As for me… News and notes from my side of the table: – Wanna watch the game with only a handful of people, pretty good food and minimal chanting/screaming? Lost Love Lounge might be the best place for you. Bonus: Bloody Mary comes with cheese and bacon. – Every time Matt Forte made a play against us, the room seemed to take solace with the fact that he’s a local. I understand and think he should demand to play for … Continue reading

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